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A First mobile phone themed NFT that embodies your favourite phone as a euphoric character.
We promise you, we are no phony.

PreSale - June 2022

Our Collection

MobioPals is a collection of 10,000 NFTs with over 250 exclusively hand-drawn traits on Ethereum chain, Providing an endless array of unique and irreplaceable NFTs. Each character in the collection is a one-of-a-kind art piece that displays a unique character. These arts open up limitless creative possibilities of unique experiences and exclusive arts.




Early access to exclusive experiences, premium content, future collaborations & opportunity to shape the project.



Exclusive access to the Metaverse, where users can explore and interact with virtual worlds. It provides access to private lounges, VIP areas, games and much more



On purchasing a mobiopals nft, you'll get exclusive perks and access to special fan communities.




Want to share your artistic talent and collaborate with us? Then the likes of you are very much welcome. We will continue to collaborate with artists & create awesome NFT projects across the digital realm and expand the MobioPals community



Want to get more for your money? Then mark your calendars for June 2022 and be the first few to enjoy our Pre-Sale promo of MobioPals.


Metaverse HQ

MobioPals will commence the acquisition of land in the Metaverse for our MobioPals Headquarters after the successfull completion of the pre-sale.This acquisition will be done through DAO voting.


Public Sale

Enjoy the Public Mint of MobioPals this June 2022. Don't be late, so save the date!


Exclusive Airdrops

We value the people who value the MobioPals community and what better way to say our heartfelt thanks is by sending out Exclusive Airdrops for pre or public sale patrons in the month of june.



MobioPals will be launching an exclusive place for its Community in the Metaverse. This place will feature private lounges, an NFT exhibit, a private club, rooftop area and a VIP section for MobioPals patrons to enjoy. This is just the beginning of what MobioPals has in store for its patrons in the Metaverse. Follow our official social media accounts to get exclusive updates.


Metaverse Game Launch

Our community is full of creative and innovative people, who want to participate in our new game! we will be launching a new game in the Metaverse so be ready! Get to experience and jump into Metaverse Game and play with friends and family.



Release of Roadmap 2.0

Our Ambassador

@Evan Luthra

I'm a writer and author for Tier A media such as Cointelegraph, and Forbes Cryptonomicon. I was selected by Forbes as 30 under 30, labeled by USAToday as Blockchain Expert, and an NFT Specialist by Business Insider.

Meet Our Squad



I am a creative and visionary entrepreneur in the world of NFTs. And the owner of the NFT marketing agency. I got my hands in many businesses and was involved with many different projects.



I'm a public speaker and consultant. I'm also the co-founder of the Beeminer Group, a cryptocurrency mining company, and a contributor to Entrepreneur.com and Forbes Monaco. I'm excited to continue sharing my knowledge with MobioPals.



A visionary with an entrepreneurial spirit who has built successful businesses in the past. I have been a crypto expert and strategic investor with a wide range of knowledge who specializes in everything investing since 2017.



I'm an artist in the truest sense of the word, constantly exploring new mediums and styles. I strive to create unique and original pieces that embody my passion art.I'm not just an artist, I'm a storyteller.

@Variable AI

Development Team

We love the magic of technology and are passionate about blockchain, cryptocurrency, and decentralization. For years we've been involved in system development and love building decentralized apps that are based on blockchain technology.



I'm a digital strategy expert who has learned the ropes of marketing in various sectors. I specialize in building and managing client-driven campaigns that deliver tangible business results. I help businesses go from good to great.


  • The presale will begin on June and the public sale will be couple of days after the presale . Exact date & time will be announced on our discord and website.

  • There is a maximum supply of 10,000 MobioPals.

  • 1. Be active and helpful within the community
    2. Posting about MobioPals on Twitter and Interacting with our posts on social media (Like, comment, share and RT)

  • MobioPals aims to provide a community that grows along with the characters.
    We're here to captivate and inspire people through our NFTs so you can enjoy more about art right at your fingertips.
    MobioPals is here to add value to the digital art realm and we're here to stay, pal!

  • Feel free to ask any questions to the community or administrators in Discord